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The Imperial Gulf Of Goa By Abhinandan Lodha (HoABL)

Imperial Goa from The House of Abhinandan Lodha by HOABL presents you the first-ever branded luxurious land projects development with king size NA Villa Bungalow Farm / Farmhouse Plots for sale in Goa near vasco.

For this is the land where you can experience it all

Vasco Plots 1.69 Cr. Onwards
Royale Plots 1.69 Cr. Onwards

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The glorious gem wearing the imprints of prestige

The Imperial Goa Lodha Abhinandan Land Plots HOABL Projects House

While South Goa reinvents itself each night to the hypnotic soundtracks by the shores. And the North serenades you with a wholesome escapade of thrilling sights. Where do you arrive in Goa to experience the best of both worlds? Enter Imperial Goa. Where the stately living enamours you with its quiet grace. The central hub keeps you closer to the noisy nooks and crannies of hip Goa and allows you to access the calm resting in the lap of nature with complete ease. Here rarity entrenches you in the beautiful blend of local culture. Sun-soaked in history, Imperial Goa is a focal point in the crown jewel that held the title of the longest-serving erstwhile capital of the Portuguese state of India from 1530-1843.

Even the most iconic, Basilica of Bom Jesus, built in 1605 AD, that houses mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier is located here, making it a place that attracts visitors from around the globe. An illustrious UNESCO World Heritage Site, that lets you explore the baroque beauty of churches, forts and monuments with unimaginable views. While keeping you close to every stretch dotted with casinos and party scenes.

The centre of all things good in Goa

  • Deltin Royale Casino 15 mins
  • Dona Paula 24 mins
  • Bambolim Beach 19 mins
  • Panjim Convention Centre 15 mins
  • Miramar Beach 23 mins
  • Candolim Beach 35 mins
  • Baga Beach 41 mins
  • Colva Beach 54 mins

Just by the scenic Mandovi River, Imperial Goa’s remarkable display of green canopies is a study in quiet living and Portuguese architecture.

What’s more?
Imperial Goa ties the distant corners of Goa closer to where you are. Its accessibility to the most revered spots in the city bring you comfort and ease of connectivity. It’s a heritage land and a tranquil treasure, unseen and unblemished by many.

Abhinandan Lodha The Imperial Gulf Of Goa

Glorious Status Again

The Imperial Goa Lodha Abhinandan Land Villa Plots HOABL Projects House

What if you could own the finest and the most valuable?

What if generations ahead of you could bask in the glory of an asset bearing a forever mark?

At The House of Abhinandan Lodha, we’ve led the way to democratize land. By disrupting the way land is owned through technology and digital transformation.

With 100% secure investment opportunities for long-term wealth creation backed by our promises, we have broken the barriers associated with land buying and selling.

Relieving you from cumbersome, outdated processes, we are the ones who are creating new benchmarks with each project.

  • The pledge of security
  • The bond of transparency
  • The symbol of wealth
  • The hallmark of honour

History that talks in numbers

The Imperial Goa Lodha Abhinandan Land Villa Plots HOABL Projects House

Each of our launches bears testimony to the way we have stood tall in a market that has several investments to offer. Why? Because nothing can replace the returns ascertained by land. Not only is it a great asset for your portfolio, it’s the only asset where multifold returns walk in without any ‘maybes.’

SENSEX 47,204 56,598 20.7%
GOLD ₹4,436 ₹4,880 10%
FIXED DEPOSITS ₹1,00,000 ₹1,07,593 7.5%
CRYPTO $58,787 $19,017 -67.7%
BRANDED LAND BY ₹22,50,000 ₹45,00,000 100%

Here are the numbers of our remarkable success at The House of Abhinandan Lodha.
And that’s what we, at The House of Abhinandan Lodha, do. Curate and deliver land
where you can design a life you desire while you build a fortune with this ever-lasting asset.

A world crafted by India’s finest estate curators


The Imperial Goa Lodha Abhinandan Land Villa Plots HOABL Projects House
  • What if, away from the seen and done Goa... You could arrive to a land set against the sometimes tranquil, sometimes hectic, sometimes heritage and sometimes startlingly new age backdrop of Goa.
  • A land that soothes your soul with its reclusive stretch and at once carves a startling rare world for you. Where the sprawling emerald greens paint your estate. In a neighbourhood worth capturing on your camera roll.
  • The first of its kind in all of Goa.
  • Hand-picked and tailored to give you a life that sings sweet melodies of generational wealth. Where recreational spaces and contemporary amenities will hand you days of pleasurable and peaceful living.
  • For the ones who have always sought newer vistas, newer adventures.
  • A rare collection that shall add its charm of grandeur to their status.
  • Where beauty meets boutique and vintage meets verdant. Imperial Goa.

Not everyone can get their name on timeless Goa

The Imperial Goa Lodha Abhinandan Land Villa Plots HOABL Projects House

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The Imperial Goa Lodha Abhinandan Land Villa Plots HOABL Projects House


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The Imperial Goa Lodha Abhinandan Land Villa Plots HOABL Projects House


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The Imperial Goa Lodha Abhinandan Land Villa Plots HOABL Projects House